My name is Charlotte and I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. My corporate career of 10+ years has been dominated by the next big promotion or project. While it is a career I love, it is no longer the focus of my daily life. I recently took a step back to concentrate on my family, friends, and hobbies in an effort to be mindful. I find joy in the quiet moments of my day, while also planning great adventures with my amazing husband/partner.

I have travelled North America throughout my life; one of my earliest memories is sitting on an airplane when I was four years old. After college, I followed my then-favorite band to sixteen states as an excuse to experience the world! This travel has created many lasting friendships and memories I will always cherish.

I also love playing board/video games with friends (Settlers of Catan), TV comedies (Parks & Recreation), cats (we have three), and Oxford commas.




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